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Smoking touches all organs of the body causing harm.  It virtually reaches every part of the body.  It has been the cause of numerous diseases and deaths.  It diminishes the quality of life and the enjoyment that comes along with corn cob pipe..  The life span of a smoker is reduced because of the cigarette. The effects of smoking can be devastating on a person, his family and friends.  Yet about 6,000 of children below the age of 18 start smoking, on even a daily basis.  Of this number, about 2,000 of them will become habitual smokers.  This makes it be about 800,000 on a yearly basis.

Another estimation of about 4.5 million teenagers in the United States smoke cigarettes and roughly 90 percent of them started smoking before they were 21 years. When they start smoking cigarettes during their childhood and the teenage life they tend to create significant health issues for themselves.   Some of these health problems are a cough, phlegm production, an increasing variety and a number of respiratory diseases.  There is also a decrease in their physical activity, critical blood lipid profile and possible impedance in the rate of lung development and the level of full functioning of the lung. The number of Americans that die every year from illnesses caused by smoking is estimated to be about 440,000. In England, there is also an estimation of 364,000 people that receive admissions in hospitals every year because of illnesses that come from smoking.  This can be broken down to 7,000 weekly hospital admissions or 1,000 per day.


For each death that has been related to smoking, about 20 smokers still go through the same smoking related illness.  For the years 1997 and 1998, smoking cigarettes led to a projected 480,000 patients reaching out to their Medical Practitioner for issues with the heart.  There are another 20,000 for stroke and almost 600,000 for protracted obstructive lung disease. Half of all adolescents that presently smoke cigarettes will die of illnesses caused by smoked cigarettes if they keep smoking and don’t quit.  One-quarter will lose an average 21 years of life and be dead before reaching the age of 70.

In the years between 1950 and 2000, it has been estimated that six million Britons and 60 million people around the world have died from smoke related illness.  One out of every two continuing smokers will die a premature death because of their smoking.

Half of them will be in the middle age.

The three main illnesses that are associated with smoking cigarettes are coronary heart disease, lung cancer and protracted obstructive lung disease (emphysema and bronchitis).  Most people lose their lives to one of these three main diseases. In the United Kingdom deaths recorded from smoking are five times more than the ones (22, 833) recorded from other deaths.

These other deaths are 5,121 recorded from alcoholic liver disease, 4,066 recorded from suicide, 3, 439 from traffic accidents, 881 from overdose and poisoning and 234 from HIV infection. Another 8,579 is recorded for other accidental deaths and 513 for manslaughter and murder.  Nearly 5 million people have a premature death yearly because of smoking across the world. There are still other medical problems that tend to affect smokers more than the nonsmokers even though it might not be fatal.  However, it can still cause years of devastating illness or other issues.

These conditions can be any of the following:

Rheumatoid inflammation for deep smokers

From these, you can see that the cigarette smoker goes through problems that relate to skin, lung, circulation, vision, hearing, digestion, sexual and muscles issues.

This is not an attractive depiction. 

Not all problems are included in the list.

There is more, like different kinds of cancers that cigarettes smokers are prone to.

Some of these cancers include pancreas, bladder, kidney, oesophagus, mouth, leukaemia and stomach.

The damages are even more.

The list does not include the fact that circulatory problems can further cause the death of tissues (gangrene).

This most times leads to amputations.

Cigarette smokers still suffer from some impaired bodily functions.

They are:

Weaker immune system

Menopause beginning 1.74 years early on usual

Lower fertility in women (about 30%)

Reduction in sperm count

Reduced volume of ejaculation

Semen becoming less capable to enter the ovum

Semen motility weakened

Semen shape irregularities increased

Smokers do not live an easy life because of the severity of the distress and illness that comes from smoking. You are sure to avoid this pain and suffering if you stay away from smoking.  Those that are presently smoking might need to start considering how to quit.   Quitting is difficult; however, you don’t need to go through the process alone. 

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